Ovulation Calendar Template

Yearly Ovulation Calendar

Ovulation means a time when the woman is fertile enough to get pregnant. That is the common definition known by people.One of the most common method used to predict ovulation is calendar based method, the method that is based on a record of the length of previous menstrual cycles, as originally developed by John Smulders in 1930.

Ovulation Calendar Template

This yearly ovulation calendar is a simple calendar which will map the method in one full year. This calendar will work best for women who have regular menstruation. Please use this calendar for your side reference only, due to algorithm used is based on statistic. Please consult your doctor if you need further information regarding your fertility.

How to use Ovulation Calendar Spreadsheet

This is a one worksheet calendar. Fill the setup information on top of this worksheet to reveal your ovulation dates,

  • Type the starting date of your last menstrual cycle/menstruation date in cell AB2,
  • Type the length of your menstrual cycle period in cell AB3,
  • Type the year you want to see your ovulation dates in cell AB4. You can only see the next 30 ovulation dates in the calendar. I recommend you to fill the year with the same year of your last menstrual cycle year,
  • Filling the start day cell at AB6 is optional. You can adjust the calendar to start its week with Monday or Sunday by selecting those days in that cell,
  • Check your calendar. Because this calendar is based on statistic, your fertility dates could be different with the dates marked in this calendar. There are 7 days period with pink colors to mark your ovulation period. The cell with darkest pink is your fertility date. Remember to use it as your side reference only,
  • Add your important events in the table at the right side of the calendar, like your wedding anniversary date, engagement date etc.
  • If you don’t like calendar theme, you can personalize it to meet your own style.
  • Print the calendar and stick it in your room or just insert it in your book. Or, you can fold it in put it inside your wallet or purse.

You can download the file here: