World Cup 2022 Calendar

FIFA World Cup 2022 Calendar

FIFA World Cup 2022 calendar is an Excel calendar with fixtures of the biggest football tournament event in the world. The tournament has been awarded every four years since the inaugural tournament in 1930. Except in year 1942 and 1946 when it was not held because of the Second World War, it has been held 21 times until 2018. The current champion is France, which won its second title at the 2018 tournament in Russia.

The 22nd tournament will be held in Qatar in November – December. It is not a common time period where majority of tournament are taking time in June – July. But, it has, too. The heat temperature is very extreme in June – July where it is almost impossible to do any sport activities outdoor.

World Cup 2022 Calendar

The current final tournament has been used since 1998 and features 32 national teams. There are two stages: the group stage followed by the knockout stage. In the group stage, teams compete within eight groups of four teams each. Each group plays a round-robin tournament, in which each team is scheduled for three matches against other teams in the same group. The top two teams from each group advance to the knockout stage. To decide which team that will qualify after having similar points after playing all their group matches, FIFA implement tie-breaker regulation as follows :

  • Greatest goal differences in all group matches
  • Greatest number of goals scored in all group matches
    If more than one team remain level after applying the above criteria, their ranking will be determined as follows:
  • Greatest number of points in head-to-head matches
  • Greatest goal difference in head-to-head matches
  • Greatest number of goals scored in head-to-head matches
  • Fair play points, defined by the number of yellow and red cards received in the group stage:
    Yellow card: minus 1 point
    Indirect red card (as a result of a second yellow card): minus 3 points
    Direct red card: minus 4 points
    Yellow card and direct red card: minus 5 points
  • If any of the teams above remain level after applying the above criteria, their ranking will be determined by the drawing of lots

World Cup 2022 Tournament

This year will be the last year where the tournament will have 32 countries as their participant. The next World Cup, in 2026, will have 48 countries to compete for the championship.

All 32 participants are grouped as follows :

Group A : Qatar (host), Ecuador, Senegal, Netherlands
Group B : England, Iran, USA, Wales
Group C : Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Poland
Group D : France, Australia, Denmark, Tunisia
Group E : Spain, Costa Rica, Germany, Japan
Group F : Belgium, Canada, Morocco, Croatia
Group G : Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland, Cameroon
Group H : Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay, South Korea

All teams will play in 8 stadiums within 35 miles radius from Doha.

World Cup 2022 Calendar

This World Cup 2022 Calendar is not just an event calendar. It contains formulas to calculate group standings automatically. How does it work? It is as simply as typing scores in particular score fields (in between team names). It is a two in one calendar. A schedule and also a scoresheet. Practically, you can print it for your schedule reference or fill it with score results digitally to see their standings. Furthermore, it has automated Knock Out bracket team placement. The formula will place top two from each group to correct bracket fields automatically where you can continue filling score results. Penalty Shoot Out fields are added in this stages.

You can also can set it to your language and timezone easily. Just select the language or write your own. Changing timezone is as easy as add or subtract with time difference between your timezone and Qatar timezone.

Have fun using the World Cup 2022 Calendar.