Monthly calendar - excel calendar template

Monthly Calendar

This is a monthly calendar generator that will help you to create a specific monthly calendar based on your preference. This calendar is suitable for you who need a calendar that can show important information within specific months. For example, TV show information, to-do or meeting agenda information, bill payment reminders etc. There are several models available to purchase. You can use them to show a single event or up to 5 events for monthly calendars. If you need to put more events, you can use the weekly or daily version.

Monthly calendar - excel calendar template

Different from yearly calendar that only marking dates, it will show you those important information in rows. There are one to five rows inside this monthly calendar. The top row will be filled with dates and important event/holidays description related with that dates and the second until the fourth rows will be filled with to-do description including time information.

Monthly Calendar 5 Events - Excel Calendar Template

All calendars are included in 35 models calendar templates you can purchase. From yearly, 6 monthly, 3 monthly, 2 monthly, monthly, weekly and daily. All of them are fully editable and you can set them to any year you plan.

Here are two of them that you can try:

Monthly calendar - excel calendar template This model allows you to set one event per date per month. There are 12 month worksheets, ready to print. There is a long list of events in separate worksheet to write your events. At the bottom there are wise words/quotes you can type in quotes table where they will be revealed automatically.

Monthly Calendar 5 Events - Excel Calendar Template This model allows you to set up to 5 events per date per month. There are many variations you can get in paid version where you can use it for budgeting (additional money column to type your budget) or scheduling (additional time column to set your appointment time) purposes.


The free version is only work for year 2020. In paid version, you can set year to any year and all months will adjust accordingly.

There are many models to generate monthly calendars, and not just monthly, you can print those calendar in 6, 3 and 2 monthly visualization within one page. They are already adjusted for printing purposes. You can adjust them to other layout by using the print setup menu.

Also there are additional color marker to group and mark similar events.

Here are layout of event tables :

Monthly Calendar Event Setup - Excel Calendar Template

To set the calendar, you can go to Set Year field and type your target year. Select 1st month to start monthly calendar from particular month. Set 1st day of the week you want to start in your calendar. Then, you can set name for your color category. Those features are not available in free version.

In these free version, you can only set date, type your event, its description and category. If you want to customize them to suit your own style or to add more worksheets or if you have more specific needs based on these calendars, you can purchase the fully editable version.

Above calendar templates are monthly calendars. There are yearly calendar templates where it will show you dates with marker that you can try.