Monthly Calendar

This is a monthly calendar generator that will help you to create a specific monthly calendar based on your preference. This calendar is suitable for you who need a calendar that can show important information within specific months. For example, TV show information, to-do or meeting agenda information, bill payment reminders etc.

Monthly Calendar Template

Different from yearly calendar that only marking dates, it will show you those important information in rows. There are four rows inside this monthly calendar. The top row will be filled with dates and important event/holidays description related with that dates and the second until the fourth rows will be filled with to-do description including time information.

How to use:

  • Select Todo-Holiday-Event worksheet
  • Type your targeted year in cell G4. There is a default 2011 written in that cell. Replace it with your year and all months will be automatically adjusted.
  • Categorize your important dates and type your to-do dates in column E (green color), to-do time in column F and to-do description in column G. Type additional dates below the latest dates that you have typed. You don’t need to sort it, since an excel automatic formula will show it on corresponding date and month from row 2 until row 4. There are only 3 to-do information that can be shown in this calendar. If you have more than that, you won’t see the fourth information inside the calendar.
  • Type additional holidays dates in the red column (column J for dates and column K for description). There are default US national holidays inside those column that will be automatically adjusted everytime you change the year. Replace it with your country’s national holidays if you are not US citizen.
  • Type important event in blue color column (column N for dates and column O for description).
  • Because only one information that will be shown in the first row of the calendar, I put a priority formula that will show event information instead of holiday information if both information are having the same dates.
  • Check your calendar. You can go to a specific month by clicking on any month name from excel tabs or hyperlink at the left side of todo-holiday-event worksheet or hyperlink at the top side of each month worksheet. You can adjust its layout by adding pictures for background, change font type and colors or even change its title.
  • Print the calendar. You can print all calendars at the same time or just print a specific month.

You can download it here :