2019 Formula 1 Calendar

2019 Formula 1 Calendar

Formula 1 2019 is about to begin within days. And, it still begins  on March 17th from Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit in Albert Park in Melbourne Australia. Mercedes cars have shown their supremacy in free practices. But, they need to prove it in the race. Kimi Raikkonen is no longer Ferrari. Daniel Ricciardo is no longer Red Bull. It will be interesting to see how they perform in their new cars. This Formula 1 Calendar will guide you on following the schedule of all 21 races in this 2019 season. You just need a Microsoft Excel to open, do little modification, and print it.

As you see in screenshot, this Formula 1 Calendar consists calendar dates and circuit race images. Dates are connected and arranged vertically. Since all races will be held on Sunday, you can see color markers on particular race dates with Sunday in different background color marker. There are four color markers, those are green, yellow, blue and red. Green for races in Australia continent, yellow for Asia, blue for Europe and Red for America. Dates are pulled from date table in separate worksheets. You can change the dates if there are changes in schedule along the season. Or, you can add a new table and put your own dates. Just in case you want to put align your dates with Formula 1 dates.

The reason why I am using this format, because grouping 3 days Formula 1 events is easier. If it uses a tabular format, then race days might be separated from the group because it is held in different month. Clear examples are race no 13 and 21. Both race days are on the first date of particular months.

Formula 1 2019 Calendar Models

There are two Formula 1 Calendar models here.  The first one is a calendar with schedule only while the second one have additional boxed to put points for particular drivers. It is just an accessory. There is no formula there. You may put your favorite driver, then put their race points, championship points and its championship rank. This calendar is part of Formula 1 Scoresheet and Schedule spreadsheet that is still under making. There is no fastest lap point boxes in this calendar. As you may know, FIA change point regulation by giving 1 additional point to any drivers who set the fastest lap. It is applied to driver who already within top 10 race result. Top 10 points regulation are not changed.

How to Modify Formula 1 Schedule

This is a simple but well designed calendar. You may reuse this calendar for year 202o by putting the first date of January in respective day cells. Other dates will be adjusted accordingly. Changing images will take a lot of works if you want to modify it manually. It should be easier in the full spreadsheet version (hopefully can be finished within this month) since it uses a link-image function where image on respective boxes will be changed automatically based on certain parameters.

2019 Formula 1 Calendar

You may also edit this image using your image editing software to other colors if you want to have more neutral or white background since black background would drain your ink :-). You can cut those images into other size, for example, if you want to have it in landscape version. Or, if you want to arrange those circuit images to other layout arrangement. This 2019 Formula 1 calendar is optimized to be printed with letter size paper.

Here are the files :