2019 MotoGP Calendar Template

2019 MotoGP Calendar

MotoGP is the highest class or motorcycle racing held by FIM. In the beginning, in year 2002, it used 900cc four-stroke engine. Because of that change, Moto 500cc race name was not valid any more. Then, in year 2007, this premier motorcycle racing reduce the engine to 800cc until now.

This premier class of motorcycle racing is the most popular motorcycle racing compared with other motorcycle classes. Giacomo Agostini is an Italian multi-time world champion Grand Prix motorcycle road racer. He won 68 races and 8 titles in the 500cc class. Valentino Rossi is right behind him with 7 titles.

2019 Season

There are 19 races in year 2019, one more than year 2018 where Buriram International Circuit in Thailand is becoming the latest addition. No changes in point format where the winner in each race will get 25 points. And, it looks like championship contenders are remained the same. Valentino Rossi, Marc Marquez, Jorge Lorenzo are former World Champions that will compete again this year. Other potential candidates are Maverick Vinales and Andrea Dovizioso.

The first race will be held in Qatar at March 10. It is a night race. Five riders mentioned above have ever won here. Andrea Dovizioso won last year race. It should be interesting to watch this first race since some of those riders were not performing well.

2019 MotoGP Calendar Template

MotoGP Calendar Spreadsheet

This 2019 MotoGP Calendar spreadsheet is a one page calendar that you can print to follow your favorit rider. There are two models available. One model with MotoGP schedule only and one model with rider point log. They both are basic calendars, though. You won’t find any scoresheet features (still under making :-)). But, they are fully editable. You can personalize it to your own style, especially if you want to print it in white background. At the left side of this calendar you can see connected months and dates with colors. Border colors represent period of each race where dates with yellow, red, green and blue background colors represent race dates. They are based on continent where those races are held.

At the right side of the calendar, you can see images of all 19 circuits, including their race name, number and date. You can’t change anything here since they are just images. Just let us know if you found any incorrect information written in those images.

How to Use

You can print this MotoGP Calendar spreadsheet directly, but you should spare much of your black ink.

There are other model where you can insert picture of your favorite rider and fill their points every time the race is finished. You can write in respective cells after you print it. You can insert your picture using the Excel menu and you can put it anywhere. The one that you see in screenshot is just a sample. Do not forget to adjust the picture to fit in cells that you want to place.

How to Create and Modify

I applied Conditional formatting rules to this calendar. You can see six set of data dates in Race Dates worksheet. You can change its colors by selecting conditional formatting menu and edit particular rule. Also, you can add your own rule to accommodate other dates.

To change calendar dates to other year, you can put the start date in particular weekday and let the formula do the rest. It is just a simple “date+1” formula from above until bottom of the calendar.

What about the picture? This one should need more works if you want to do it manually. I have created formulas to make it easier. It will become a feature in paid version spreadsheet but I haven’t completed it yet. It should include the scoresheet, standings etc.

Here are the files.