Yearly Calendar

This is a yearly calendar that you can use to generate calendar for any year. You can generate it with Monday or Sunday as starting day of each week. There are default US holidays information in this calendar. And you can further customize it to include your important dates. This calendar is suitable for people who has a long term planning that span several years ahead or needs a record to see their achievement in the past. By using this calendar, you don’t have to find new calendar every time the year is changed. Just type a new year in related cell in this calendar, save it as a new file, for example, 2019 calendar, then you will have your new calendar ready to be used.

Yearly Calendar Template

How to use:

  • Select Calendar worksheet,
  • Type your targeted year in cell D2. There is a default 2012 written in that cell. Just replace it with your year and the position of all dates in each month will be automatically changed,
  • Select your starting day of the weeks in cell J2. There are only two options, Monday or Sunday. All dates in each month will changed their position based on your selection,
  • Select Reminder-Holiday-Event worksheet,
  • Categorize your important dates and type your reminder dates in column B (green color) and reminder description in column C. Type additional dates below the latest dates that you have typed. You don’t have to sort those dates. An excel automatic formula will do that and mark it inside the calendar,
  • Type additional holidays dates in the red column (column D for dates and column E for description). There is a default US national holidays that will be adjusted automatically every time the year is changed. If you are not in US, you can replace it with your country’s national holidays.
  • Type other important dates in events column, for example your birthday, your family birthday, your company party,etc, in blue column (column F for dates and column G for description),
  • There are priority formula that will arrange the color markers if your reminders, holidays and events dates are in the same dates. The first priority will go to the reminder, then event, then holiday. So, the priority marking color will be green, followed by blue and then red.
  • Check your markers in the calendar. You can adjust its layout by adding pictures, change font colors or change its title. You can tweak this calendar to make it closer to your needs if you know how to use conditional formatting function,
  • Print the calendar.

This yearly calendar is the basic one. There are commercial calendar templates where you can choose from 22 available models and modify it to suit your needs. You can check 2019 calendar that are created using this calendar template generator.

Commercial Yearly Calendar Template Features

These commercial calendar templates have setup part where you can customize your calendar after you set its year and starting day of the week. Also, there are 8 color codes you can use as markers.

Yearly Calendar Features

They are fully editable (except monthly calendar template) where you can tweak the formulas and modify its layout, language etc.