2016-2017 School Calendar 11

2016/2017 School Calendars

2016/2017 School Calendars are spreadsheets with created excel formulas that will map particular date events to calendars automatically by typing date events in respective event tables. It will be shown as background colors on respective dates. Colors will be mapped based on table or code categories, depends on model of school calendars that you use.

All school calendars can be set to start from July, August or September. They can be set to have 12 or 13 months as its period. You can find this setup box at the right side of the calendar. Free spreadsheets are protected and models are limited. You can use them as your school calendar with limited functions.

Based on how events are typed into the calendar, here are short description of all free spreadsheets.

These two school calendar templates below will have you to write single and consecutive dates in separate event tables. Single dates can be typed in the first three tables with only one date columns, while consecutive dates can be typed in the remaining three tables with two columns to type the start and end dates of event periods. Each table has different color markers.

Calendar 1 : Calendar with tabular month arrangement

This one has separate worksheet between calendar and event date tables.

2016-2017 School Calendar 1[Download not found]

Calendar 2 : Calendar with linear month arrangement

2016-2017 School Calendar 3[Download not found]

Calendar 3 : Calendar with tabular month arrangement and event tables in the middle

This calendar only has one table where single dates are in above part of this event table. To colorize the dates, you must type the color codes next to event dates. In this calendar, single and consecutive events might have similar color markers.

2016-2017 School Calendar 2[Download not found]

Calendar 4 : Calendar with tabular month arrangement and event tables at the right side.

2016-2017 School Calendar 5[Download not found]

This school calendar will allow you to type single and consecutive dates within the same table and you can type it in chronological order. It should help you if you want to arrange dates based on number of terms that your school has, quarterly or semester for example.

To use it, select month name at the left column of event table, then type single or start date in the second date column, and end date in the fourth date column. Third date column is allocated for “-” mark. This event table will be shown when you print the calendar. Then you must type the year of those dates at the year column at the left part of calendar worksheet as well as their color codes. They are put outside calendar area to exclude them in printed calendar.

Remaining two school calendars below have similar single and consecutive date events functions with above calendar. But, you don’t have to pick month names because the tables are already set based on months. You just need to type dates and select respective color codes.

Calendar 5 : Calendar with Linear arrangement with event tables at the bottom

2016-2017 School Calendar 7

[Download not found]

Calendar 6 : Calendar with tabular month arrangement with event tables next to month tables.

2016-2017 School Calendar 11

[Download not found]

There are dummy dates and description written in each calendar templates to give you guidance on how to type in event date tables. You can erase it and write your own events.

There are six additional models of 2016/2017 School Calendars you can get by purchasing the commercial version that you can read in About worksheet in these free versions. Commercial versions will allow you to add logos, managing colors through conditional formatting menu, personalize its layout and many more.