Weekly Calendar Template

Weekly Calendar

This is a custom weekly calendar where you can customize the calendar to include the dates. There are five to seven rows below the name of its weekday to remind you about holidays. Those dates should be useful to remind you before you plan some activities on particular dates in that week. There are a default US Holidays that is used for preferences. You can change to your country’s national holidays or add new holidays.

Basically, this calendar is just a simple calendar. You will need it if you want to map your plan in weekly bases instead of monthly or yearly bases.

Weekly Calendar Template

This calendar should be useful for you who are very busy where you need organize a lot of things hourly every day. You might think that having your schedule written in your mobile phone is enough. But, sometimes, you may lost it or forgot to check it. Or, you have a secretary who organize all of your meetings. Then, this weekly calendar will become a weekly planner where your secretary will remind you every day.

Or, if you are a student with plenty of school tasks, this calendar should fit your needs. You can write anything inside or just print it blank where you can write your schedule and tasks anytime you have it.

How to use :

  • Select Calendar Mon-Sun/Mon-Sat/Mon-Fri Worksheet
  • Select your start date by scrolling the scroll bar in cell J2 left or right
  • Change the hour reference manually in column B and C (if your working period is different than the hour preference)
  • Your week calendar is ready. You can type your schedules and activities or print your calendar and start to fill it manually
  • If you want to have a full 52 week calendar, you can scroll the start date bar and print it week-by-week

There are three weekly calendar version available where the different only on the number of days in each week. There are 5, 6 and 7 days version that you can select based on the number of your working days.