Monthly Cash Flow Planner - Excel

Bill Payment Calendar

What is bill payment calendar? It is an excel calendar to populate your bill payment due date in calendar visualization. This visualization should ease you to organize your budget in a more economic way. Miscalculating primary expenses will cause you not to have savings by the end of respective months or event could make you use your credit card for unnecessary usage. By prioritizing your debts, installments and loans above other expenses, you can see how much spares you have left before allocate them to other posts.

The original version of this calendar will populate your bill weekly. The advanced version that will show your payment due dates monthly is not free. The weekly visualization for the free version is as follows.

Bill Payment Calendar - Excel

To use this calendar, you need to put your recurring dates and days in its setup worksheet. Then, you can see it show in respective days and days in your chosen week period.

The paid version has additional features. And it will have month layout as follows.

Monthly Cash Flow Planner - Excel

It combines setup process in bill payment calendar and calendar layout from yearly calendar. And there are daily cash flow you can monitor in calendar visualization as well. There are color background to help you seeing your financial condition. This visualization should help you manage your expenses accurately since you can’t expense or pay anything in particular day if respective color background is red where it means you don’t have money at that time. Your objective is to make all color in green color. You can adjust the amount of your credit card payment, reduce eating outside frequency etc.

With one full year visualization, you can also organize your vacation plan. Set your vacation budget and date and plan your savings to get to that time.

Daily Cash Flow Planner Excel

Also, there is a weekly version as well. You can read more about these calendars in its About worksheet.

Free version of Bill Payment Calendar

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Demo version of Bill Payment Calendar. Remember that there are limitation in its features. You can try it to see how it works.

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