2017 Calendars

Calendars are one of important tools nowadays. With calendars, people can see what has happened in specific dates in the past and can plan their events in the future. There are thousand models of calendars in any type of forms that people can find for free or purchase it anywhere. And if they are looking for type of calendars in Microsoft Excel they can download 2017 calendar templates in this site. They are divided into specific year and month calendars with additional excel formulas to map particular events into calendar dates.

Almost all of the calendar have two separate spreadsheet with different starting day of the week. Here are brief description of those calendars.

Calendar 1 : One Page Calendar with Months only

2017 Calendar Model 1 - Portrait

This one has months in its calendar worksheet. There are no event tables where people can write their important dates along with the printed calendars. It has separate worksheet to write particular events where its written events will be shown as dates with specific colors, either its background or fonts inside the calendar page.

  2017 Calendar Template Model 1 - Landscape (533.9 KiB, 1,495 hits)

  2017 Calendar Template Model 1 - Portrait (534.9 KiB, 944 hits)

Calendar 2 : Calendar with Event Description in the Middle

2017 Calendar Model 2 - Portrait

This model has event description table in the middle of the calendar. It is limited though. It is suitable for people who has several important events that needs to be printed together with the calendar. Top event description table is allocated for one day events while bottom table is allocated for more than one day events. Put color codes next to event dates to colorize dates inside its respective month.

  2017 Calendar Template Model 2 (595.1 KiB, 824 hits)

Calendar 3 : Calendar with Horizontal Dates Arrangement

2017 Calendar Model 3 - Linear

This model is similar with Calendar 1, except dates in each months are arranged horizontally which leave enough places to put event description below its calendar dates. Those tables have similar format with Calendar 1 as well. People can print it as a one page calendar with or without event description. There is a 3 rows month model available for people who needs specific linear arrangement.

  2017 Calendar Template Model 3 (522.0 KiB, 1,076 hits)

  2017 Calendar Template Model 3 - Three Rows Month (530.3 KiB, 820 hits)

Calendar 4 : Calendar with Event Description at the Right

2017 Calendar Model 5

This is a new model released for year 2017. It has a shared table for writing single and consecutive dates that could make people writing their events sequentially. To write the events, select month name, and then type the date (single or start date) in column after month name column. Type end date in column next to it (there are dummy dates put for samples) to cover particular event period or continue to other row for new dates.

  2017 Calendar Template Model 4 (1,007.1 KiB, 1,087 hits)

Calendar 5 : Calendar with Horizontal Dates Arrangement and Monthly Event Description

2017 Calendar Model 7

This calendar distributes the dates with similar arrangement with Calendar 3, except it has event description tables arranged monthly. People can write events in respective month tables either it is single day event or multi days event. To colorize the dates and its description, they can put particular color codes and hide it when they print it by turn it off option at the right side of the calendar.

  2017 Calendar Template Model 5 (1,018.0 KiB, 911 hits)

Calendar 6 : Calendar with Event Description at the Left and Right Side

2017 Calendar Model 6

This calendar model has specific event description table at the left or right side of respective months. This table can be filled with dates, either single or consecutive dates. There are dummy dates filled in this calendar to help people understanding how to use this calendar quickly.

  2017 Calendar Template Model 6 (1.0 MiB, 961 hits)

Calendar 7 : Calendar with Event Description at the Bottom of each Dates

2017 Calendar Model 7 - January

This is a monthly calendar. People can write their events in separate worksheet and see their dates populated automatically at the bottom of respective dates in calendar worksheets. Or, they can use the other model that they can write their events at the bottom of each dates and see them pulled automatically into the event table in Event List worksheet.

  2017 Calendar Template Model 7 - Events Populated in Calendar (746.5 KiB, 1,008 hits)

  2017 Calendar Template Model 7 - Events Pulled from Calendar (1,002.3 KiB, 748 hits)

Those 2017 calendars above are free models. They protected though. There are commercial version where they are unprotected and can be modified to suit your needs. And there are additional models as well. Information about commercial version templates can be read in About section in each free spreadsheet.