2016 Calendars

These are collection of 2016 calendars for Microsoft Excel. All of them are free and equipped with excel formulas that will map important dates into the calendar automatically. There are several models available with different layout and different input submission. You can choose the suitable one for your company business, private planner, or school activities.

2016 Calendars – One Page – Months only

This calendar models require you to write the dates in separate worksheets. You can pick between portrait and landscape model to be mapped with your dates. There are 3 fixed date tables and 3 consecutive date tables you can fill. All 6 tables have different colors. There are 2 calendar worksheets with different starting day of the week (Sunday/Monday). Dates filled in 6 tables will be mapped in both calendars.

2016 Calendar Template

How to Use :

  • Go to Reminder-Holiday-Event worksheet
  • Type your dates in Reminder (green), Holiday (red) and Important Event (blue) tables for fixed dates and in More Event 1 – 3 (yellow, brown and grey) tables for consecutive dates.
  • Go to Calendar – Start Sunday or Start Monday worksheet and see whether the dates mapped on correct dates

  2016 Calendar Portrait - V2.2 (92.0 KiB, 2,555 hits)

  2016 Calendar Landscape - V2.2 (91.9 KiB, 2,874 hits)

2016 Calendars – One Page – With Left and Right Notes

This calendar models require you to write dates in the same worksheet. Due to different excel formula creation, you have to write the date number only (1,2,3,.. ) at the table next to month table. To differentiate the color, you have to type event code (H, E and R). There are spreadsheet with month table ordered horizontally and with month table ordered vertically. Both spreadsheets have calendar worksheets with Sunday and Monday as its starting day of the week that you can choose.

2016 Calendar with Left and Right Notes

How to Use :

  • Select Calendar – Start Sunday or Start Monday
  • Type your date in leftmost column of respective notes table next to respective month. Type its event description and put its color code (H for red, E for blue, and R for green).
  • See and check shown color marker

  2016 Calendar With Notes - Month Ordered Vertical - V2.2 (84.6 KiB, 921 hits)

  2016 Calendar With Notes - Month Ordered Horizontal - V2.2 (84.7 KiB, 728 hits)

2016 Calendar – One Page – With Middle Notes

This calendar will allow you to write important dates as well as its description in the middle of the calendar. And it doesn’t have to be typed next to respective months. And there is a consecutive date marker as well, which will make you mark consecutive dates in the calendar by typing its start and end date of the event.

2016 Calendar with Middle Notes

How to Use :

  • Open the spreadsheet
  • Type fixed date events in cell K12:K45 and consecutive date events in cell K48:L63 as well as its event description
  • Type color code in column J to colorize the dates within the same row
  • See and check your marking dates

  2016 Calendar with Notes Model 2 - V2.4 (161.0 KiB, 807 hits)

2016 Calendars – Two Pages – With Notes

It is the same calendar with above model. The different is on month layout where all months are ordered vertical within the same column with notes at the right side.

2016 Calendar with Right Notes - Single Column

  2016 Calendar With Notes - Month Ordered Single Column - V2.2 (70.1 KiB, 713 hits)

2016 Linear Calendars – One Page – With Notes

This calendar is basically a combination of above models, except all months are being spread horizontally. It might be more suitable for planner or project people who like to see the dates being marked horizontally, like gantt chart. There are 2 different linear calendar you can select. The first one has one row for each month while the other one has 3 rows for each month. There are different color marker rules applied to both calendars. All input in dates table will be shown in all rows for in one-row linear calendar while 1 different fixed and 1 consecutive date table will be assigned to each row in three-row linear calendar. All calendars will start on Monday.

2016 Linear Calendar Template

How to Use :

  • Type your date in those six event tables.
  • If you are selecting to use the three-row model, notes that the first fixed date and the top consecutive date table will be assigned to the first row of each month in the calendar. The second fixed date and the middle consecutive date will be assigned to the middle row of each month in the calendar.
  • See and check your input as well as its color marker.

  2016 Calendar Linear V1.0 (76.1 KiB, 903 hits)

  2016 Calendar Linear V1.0 - 3 Rows (84.5 KiB, 788 hits)

2016 Calendars – Monthly – 12 Pages – With Notes

Different from above calendars, these calendars have notes to be written/shown within the same date cells. There are 2 models, the first one will ask you to write the dates and the notes in to-do list table in separate worksheet while the other one is the reversal of the first one where you have to write your events in the date cells and see them pulled in to-do list table. You don’t have to type the dates in date order. The excel formula will sort it automatically.

2016 Calendar - Monthly

How to Use :

Model 1

  • Go to Event List worksheet.
  • Type date, time and description of your event in to-do list table. These information will be shown in rows below respective dates. Only maximum six to-do list information will be shown.
  • Type holiday and event dates in respective tables. These information will be shown next to respective dates. Only one holiday/event will be shown.
  • See and check whether you write your information correctly by going to respective dates

  2016 Monthly Calendar - Model 1 V1.6 (299.7 KiB, 746 hits)

Model 2

  • Go to any of month calendar worksheet
  • Write your to-do list information below the dates
  • Write your holiday/event information next to the dates
  • Go to event list worksheet
  • Put color code on your shown holiday/event information (optional).

  2016 Monthly Calendar - Model 2 V1.8 (554.1 KiB, 672 hits)